Maine Artist, Scott Kirkman:

I create art because I am in love with beauty. Beauty awakens and moves my soul. And I'm a very visual person. So, all my life-passion goes into art and beauty. I literally cannot get enough of it. If I'm not creating it myself, I want to look at others' work, to flood my life to overflowing with art and beauty.

This passion drives me to continually develop my own art skills . . .
and my imagination and creativity . . . to make my art ever more
moving, ever more beautiful. I absolutely live for the hope that
someone, someday will look at my art and involuntarily whisper, "Wow. . . ."

When I was nine or so, the most beautiful things in the world, to me, were airplanes. So I intently drew airplanes, for hours and hours, by myself. Drawing, I discovered, was something that I was not too bad at, and something that most people were not good at all. This was new to me. And I began to see drawing as something that could be uniquely mine. I discovered also that I could constantly improve at it, and that I could do it all by myself. As I was becoming a shy, quiet, gentle person, this was very appealing. When I draw or paint, I don't have to talk and worry about saying the wrong thing.

At the same time, the sheer concentrated power of art also appealed to what I was beginning to realize and accept was my intensely passionate heart. My favorite art, even now, is often the most passionate: twisting, dramatic figures in rich, sweeping, poignant emotion. Eventually, I realized that the most beautiful thing in the world to me was a well-done rendering of the human form. It was exciting to me in a way that nothing else was, in a way that was far beyond physical or sexual. It moved my very soul. I've really no idea why. And, now, even after years and years of looking at and appreciating thousands of works of art, it still does! When I see really good art, old or new, I'm (1) enthralled, (2) immeasurably grateful, (3) dying to know how the artist accomplished the magic of it, so I can do it too! It makes me want to work harder.

I long to fill the world with beauty -- not only with what I myself
create but also that which is created by everyone else! That's why I
loved starting the worldwide Figure-Drawing League on my own website, to help promote good figure art, especially in a world glutted with ugly, hateful, demeaning images of the human form (especially of women). And it's why I'm so honored to be part of Santa Fe Art World, an ever-growing showcase of really beautiful fine art.

I'm sure that if I were not an artist, I would probably be a collector
or curator or art-blogger, eager to share, with everyone everywhere,
whatever beauty I could find.

I am an artist. Because art and beauty make my heart fly.