Polish artist, Maciej Gador

It is hard for me to write about my own works keeping distance and the objectivity at the same time. So I realize that what  you will read can be completely different from it, what really you will be thinking about them.

I am a bit of a surrealist, a bit of a portrait painter and something even more unspecified in what I do. Very man, as the topic, has always interested, however I am trying to determine this only moment, in which it alone is the most apart from the entire uniqueness of human character still with oneself, is revealing the uncontrollable inner life for his personality living in the very moment most intensively. It can be the moment of creating, the moment of staying in some surroundings, whether finally savoring one's body. Hedonism and the humility, distance and the closeness, everything it is making the image of the man up. Surreal World is being craved very much here, he is heightening the word through the unlimited amount of solutions, often surprising.

Maciej Gador


Born: 25.01.1972 in Pulawy

Studies in the Institute of Bringing Artistic UMCS in Lublin in 1990-95, diploma in the studio of the linocut at the M. Snocha Prof.

One-man exhibitions in 1994-96 in Pulawy (POK "House of the Chemist"), Lublin (Gallery of the NN Theatre) and Chelm (KMPiK)

Participation in Directory of Print 2003 Cracow Triennial Society (linocut "Remembrance")

Participation in Graphic Triennial Bitola 2006

Illustrations for Stichting Culturele Droomwevers AB-CD book

Work at the Cracow Unit of S.G Stained glass. Żeleński in Cracow in 2002-2005 and original projects of stained glass (Geneva, Cracow, Warsaw, Żary, Kalnica)

Works in private harvests at home and abroad