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Artist Statement

Throughout my high school career, painting started to become a way of life to me. It is all I think about, it is the only thing that can both drive me insane as well as give me the greatest happiness at the same time. Starting a painting is always the hardest part for me. I feel I have a lot in common with the artist Joan Miro. ” When a painting is not satisfying to him, he suffers, and feels physically uncomfortable. He always begins working in a state of passion, and is inspired by many things.” He talks about it not being satisfying right away, and that you have to struggle and fight through it. He was an artist that felt he had to be inspired to paint, and fighting through it is so perfect. He explained exactly how I fell about painting I just did not know how to say it myself. My main focus is “whatever moves me at the time.” I try to paint images the provoke feelings in the viewer. I want the viewer to be as moved as I was to paint the image.

Walking into a museum my mindset is set to an open net ready to catch whatever is thrown at me. There are many great painters out there, but those select ones that can make you emotionally floored are the ones that last a lifetime. That is my main goal as an artist. I try to portray images that everyone can relate to. I try to capture moments that “take your breath away” The kind that come and go so fast, these are the moments that you contemplate on and think about for years thereafter. They could be beautiful natural moments that subject did not even realize he/she was experiencing. The emotions range from romantic ecstasy, crying alone, or even being in an intense fight. Anything that is emotionally stimulating or draining is what I am trying to portray.