Canadian Artist Bob Craig


I have throughout my adult life occasionally lived in altered perceptual states where reality became magnified and the world was one giant harmonious gestalt. My art is an effort to recapture the vivid nature of these encounters.

A quote from my book THE MANIC probably best chronicles such an experience.

“Early in summer the evening cloudbursts cool the fever of the day. I wander within the storm crossing swollen gutter streams. Rainwater leaks its way into my shoes and squishes between my toes. The rain comes down relentlessly soaking my hair my eyebrows and my eyelashes. I am looking through raindrops at the street lights which have become enormous diamonds illuminating a crystalline world. Shimmering colors and shapes drift in and out of my vision.

I do not dare to breathe for the air is filled with wonderment. I must not sleep. I’ll walk until morning. On this night I am the trumpet on which the world will play notes of such clarity that the walls of my reality must surely crumble.”

Bob Craig