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Arts and Cultural Center of the Southwest, Santa Fe, New Mexico, is home to Santa Fe Art World, an online artist and gallery directory featuring local, national, and international talent from emerging artists to the renowned. We host the Collectors Choice Awards as well!

Santa Fe ArtWorld's online gallery and directory was originally created by artists for artists with the specific intent of making artists' work easily accessible to collectors, galleries, and art professionals while affording other opportunities of recognition to all involved in the Art World.

As with all entities, our course ultimately responds to demand. Our show casing of artists was designed to make galleries search for talent easy; however we find our viewing audience of collectors to be expanding quite rapidly as they demonstrate a strong appreciation for artists made easily available to them regardless of locale or shows. As such, we have expanded into the collector's market more strongly than initially anticipated. Further our community has grown to include Interior Designers, Architects, and Custom Craftsman!

Santa Fe ArtWorld invites you to be a part of our growing community as artist, gallery, collector, interior designer, or any other professional utilizing and expressing art!

While here, please view our services which any artist or professional will find useful and affordable. These include: Ad Images which provides photography, digital imagining, graphics, ad and web design amongst other services. Artisan for art supplies. Artist Brand Canvas for affordable canvases. Pakmail for art transport and shipping - if you are unable to find a location in your area, please email Del Mulder at and he will be more than happy to send you specs for professional art packing. Enjoy Art Babel for art critiques and a voice in the art world.

Welcome to Santa Fe ArtWorld!

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